Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Decided to have a sing-k session because this is what we normally do during the holiday. So we went to Neway-TimeSquare, finally is no more KBox(KK) but Neway, haha.... We pick the K-Lunch so will have some time for us to hang around and goSg. W.

while waiting for the queue =)

Bell can eat peacefully while we are screaming there @__@

Bell is so busy


our lunch
the queens

is X'mas!! how will it be for this year?/ hmm....

can't wait for X'mas

heading to the new restaurant that elaine mention

here it is -LAVAZZA-

they are selling cupcakes and designed cakes


love their decoration

lots of drinks, don't know which one to choose

-Tequila Sunrise- not bad

chezzy wages

forgot the name, should be classic ....

nice meal =)

try on their desserts -baked chess cake & unknown-

it was a nice dinner =D

is finishing my drink

ok, is time to go home!!

That night me and cas went to elaine house, long time didn't go to her house already and we had a long chatting session with her mum till 12/1am something, haha.... gonna have another sleepover session before back to KK... =D wanna have more pillow talks


  1. like like... :)
    looking forward for the next wan...

  2. den cepatlah... tunggu apa oo?? haha

  3. hey, Chloe

    the restaurant...really syiokkkkk worrr~

    gonna pin it into my KL Trip Do List..am bored with their shopping malls edy..lol

    thanks for the sharing~ ^^