Friday, November 19, 2010

Brunch Brunch Brunch

Girls outing today with Cas, Elaine, Veron & Bell. Really din't hang out with the girls for such a long time, so now is the time because we have finish our exam!!! haha... but Bell & Veron still have 1 more paper to go and still willing to hang out with us, appreciate that =)

Veron said that there is a very nice fishhead noodle in Lintas which is much more nicer compare with the one in Cheras,KL. So we decided to go and try it for our brunch. =)

While waiting, let's snap some pics *smile*


-Elaine- our so call guest



The food is here!!

This is the one... yummy

the soup is really nice!!

After that, we window sopping around that area...

so happy??

looking for accessories

is wearing her new dress, i guess...

Veron got an appointment so we went to Yoyo to have drinks while waiting for her... So when nothing to do there, we end up snapping pics again...

GSC but not Golden Screen Cinema, it just a combination of our surname.

Finally she is done!! is a short one =D
Now we are heading to Damai for the durian pancake in Uncle Biscuit, because Elaine never try that before.

Let's go!!

After trying the pancake, guess what we do??? Is going to Upperstar to have a drink, we want juice!!! Actually we are still full but the weather is so hot, so just wanna find a nice place to sit down and chat =)

Miss Bell...

Our drinks are here!!

her new style, l like it... =D

is trying the gree tea swiss roll, not bad

these 2 girls keep on playing with the cream... =.=!!

Bell said that she love this pic =)

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