Saturday, November 14, 2015

Decode yourself

Remember to be kind and positive about things. Appreciate what you have instead of looking at what you don't have and eventually you'll be blessed. It's okay to be sad and cry sometimes but don't let it get over you and be aware of your strengths. 

Often we focus too much on how to overcome our weaknesses and do not acknowledge the strengths we got within us. Not to say we should be proud of it but rather to leverage on it and make ourselves a better person. 

We might not be able to change the world but we can do small things in a great way =)

Stay awesome people!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Quick Escape

It's been awhile since the last Malacca trip (last year) I guess. Last minute plan to have a day food hunt at our 'Second Home'. We were feeling nostalgia most of the time and so many flash back. 

But the weather wasn't good and raining most of the time hence island hopping is definitely out :/

Our first meal starts as early as 7am! Since is Sunday, for sure we're heading to Gaya street for Yee Fung laksa/beef noodles. Something you can't get in KL is the Teh Maderas which always taste better than teh tarik :D

After breakie, decided to go to Kundasang and positive that the rain might stop :P

Unfortunately it was still raining when we got up there and it was super duper cold! 

So we had milk and some sausages.

We love our pink rain coats :3

So drama 

Will definitely come here again

Little throwbacks on the previous trip we had when we're still studying and this is how this place suppose to look like when the weather is good

Awesome right? =)

Then we drop by for yummy coconut pudding

Crave fixed!

Then we thought of going to sunset bar for a drink cause usually they will have nice jazz live band there but apparently it was closed that day.


Nowadays because of work, you didn't really get much time to meet up with friends compared to last time where you will be seeing them like almost everyday. Sometimes having a short random escape like this is indeed nice =)

I'm feeling blessed that having great people around me that motivate you and eventually make you a better person. Real friends like this is hard to gain and if you have them, please treasure and appreciate them. Love you bitches! 

Yours truly~

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ladies Short Escape

I can't recall when was the last time I logged in my blog and now I totally agree with words people usually telling me when they started work. Sometime is difficult to balance things as well as your routines too :/ 

Haven't been going out for a short trip (not work related) for quite some time and finally have made up my mind to have the first short escape of the year (i know is July now.. sob sob) with the ladies to Melacca :) Is like after so long we have been saying about it ><

We arrived there around 11am and decided to have chicken rice ball for our brunch followed by some window shopping

was quite lucky cause the queue was super long after that

The weather was really hot and we stopped by a cafe to grab some drinks. Coffee there tastes good too :)

Missy Elaine
At some point we felt sleepy and decided to check-in, freshen up and most importantly POWER NAP!!

You don't have to guess, this is our Ms Elaine  :P 
Surprisingly Elaine's 'Uncle' pops up too in the evening

At night, the must for place would be the night market at Jonker Street too and again it took us some time to think what to eat. Then, we decided to try nyonya cuisine near there and food was good too :)

After feeding ourselves with awesome food, we did shopping at the night market and head to Hard Rock Cafe for music :) 

Day 2

Jonker 88 for brunch :)

Flora print day
Baba laksa, my favorite!!

and Cendol too :3



hey woman, look at here!

there you go :)

So that's our little escape~ *signing off*

Night peeps!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's been really really long time ago since my last login, getting lazier nowadays >< Always wish to lay on my bed for all day long. Really miss those uni moment where you are just so energetic in doing anything even for no reason sometime, your silly friends that fools around with you . . . Time flies and everyone is working right now and you wouldn't believe that is so difficult to meet every at a moment.


Were browsing some of my old folder and come across the album of our Bali trip last time. There are soooo many pictures and videos as well. So I decide to edit those random video taken by my lizard partner - Ms Bell Bell~ Those videos are random enough and some with funny conversation. It took me some time to arrange it too...

That's all for tonight! Good night peeps!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hats Off!!!!

Finally has come to the day that we all waited for so long. I'm grateful for what I have and graduated smoothly.. endless thanks to my families, loves one and all my sayang-sayang which brighten my days all the time. Totally different kind of feeling when heading back to Kota Kinabalu this time. Lots of ups and down throughout these three year and it's like a flash back on my mind by the time we landed in KK.
finally took our robe =D
Went to take our robe right after landed in KK cause were told by my friend that is running out of size so we better act fast to take our robe. Went for dinner after settle down everything and waiting for le bummie to reach here at night cause he's flight is at night. We all are excited for our photo session next day!



my all time besties or i should say they are more like my own sisters *hugz*
with Elaine, Cassy and Janice

thank you le bummie come all the way here to take great pictures for us =) He even did an intro video for us ... check this out =) 

There should be more videos and pictures but his cameras got stolen when he back to KL and everything is lost... I always believe karma is there, it might not happen to that thief for instant but God do have record on what he or she did. 

As what most of the people do, we all went for studio to take our pictures too and I guess we are the noise producer there.. hahaha...
all the sayng-sayang~
mi madre and my little sister~ 
le bummie~ 
Instax by missy elaine =) 

Rushing to UMS right after finish our photo shooting in Asia City cause it will be jam when entering the uni.. Gather at the hall and queuing up to enter the hall for graduation ceremony =) Everyone was busy taking pictures with their friends and same goes to us XD 
Ci Yi, Cas, Lee Xin and me
Mr Tan was busy talking on the phone ><
with Lok Aun & Jye Ying
all time group-mate =D
The moment of waiting your turn to get up the stage which indicated the end of the journey for our degree. 
Cas, me. Evon and Ci Yi
the talented junior - Shaynon
with the lovely juniors
with our beloved Mr Wajiran that always has complicated toughs =P
Our supportive TNC Datuk Dr. Kasim
we all are Connaughtions!!! =)
with my mama & sista
Vivian~ soon will be your turn! 
Cas's parents 
missy elaine's parents
Le Bummie <3 Thanks for coming <3 #Chloe&William Film

Not forgetting as well my bunch of crazy sayang~ #TnC

At last, i wish all the best to everyone and be ready for challenges! Never give up in things you are doing because it's just the beginning of our journey to step into 'real life'. Hugzzz!

A short video of compiling some old pictures by le bummie even though we lost most of the pictures and videos for graduation.