Friday, November 13, 2015

Quick Escape

It's been awhile since the last Malacca trip (last year) I guess. Last minute plan to have a day food hunt at our 'Second Home'. We were feeling nostalgia most of the time and so many flash back. 

But the weather wasn't good and raining most of the time hence island hopping is definitely out :/

Our first meal starts as early as 7am! Since is Sunday, for sure we're heading to Gaya street for Yee Fung laksa/beef noodles. Something you can't get in KL is the Teh Maderas which always taste better than teh tarik :D

After breakie, decided to go to Kundasang and positive that the rain might stop :P

Unfortunately it was still raining when we got up there and it was super duper cold! 

So we had milk and some sausages.

We love our pink rain coats :3

So drama 

Will definitely come here again

Little throwbacks on the previous trip we had when we're still studying and this is how this place suppose to look like when the weather is good

Awesome right? =)

Then we drop by for yummy coconut pudding

Crave fixed!

Then we thought of going to sunset bar for a drink cause usually they will have nice jazz live band there but apparently it was closed that day.


Nowadays because of work, you didn't really get much time to meet up with friends compared to last time where you will be seeing them like almost everyday. Sometimes having a short random escape like this is indeed nice =)

I'm feeling blessed that having great people around me that motivate you and eventually make you a better person. Real friends like this is hard to gain and if you have them, please treasure and appreciate them. Love you bitches! 

Yours truly~

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