Friday, July 25, 2014

Ladies Short Escape

I can't recall when was the last time I logged in my blog and now I totally agree with words people usually telling me when they started work. Sometime is difficult to balance things as well as your routines too :/ 

Haven't been going out for a short trip (not work related) for quite some time and finally have made up my mind to have the first short escape of the year (i know is July now.. sob sob) with the ladies to Melacca :) Is like after so long we have been saying about it ><

We arrived there around 11am and decided to have chicken rice ball for our brunch followed by some window shopping

was quite lucky cause the queue was super long after that

The weather was really hot and we stopped by a cafe to grab some drinks. Coffee there tastes good too :)

Missy Elaine
At some point we felt sleepy and decided to check-in, freshen up and most importantly POWER NAP!!

You don't have to guess, this is our Ms Elaine  :P 
Surprisingly Elaine's 'Uncle' pops up too in the evening

At night, the must for place would be the night market at Jonker Street too and again it took us some time to think what to eat. Then, we decided to try nyonya cuisine near there and food was good too :)

After feeding ourselves with awesome food, we did shopping at the night market and head to Hard Rock Cafe for music :) 

Day 2

Jonker 88 for brunch :)

Flora print day
Baba laksa, my favorite!!

and Cendol too :3



hey woman, look at here!

there you go :)

So that's our little escape~ *signing off*

Night peeps!!

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