Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's been really really long time ago since my last login, getting lazier nowadays >< Always wish to lay on my bed for all day long. Really miss those uni moment where you are just so energetic in doing anything even for no reason sometime, your silly friends that fools around with you . . . Time flies and everyone is working right now and you wouldn't believe that is so difficult to meet every at a moment.


Were browsing some of my old folder and come across the album of our Bali trip last time. There are soooo many pictures and videos as well. So I decide to edit those random video taken by my lizard partner - Ms Bell Bell~ Those videos are random enough and some with funny conversation. It took me some time to arrange it too...

That's all for tonight! Good night peeps!


1 comment:

  1. owh!! i miss those days.. anyway im reading a book bout Bali.. and its about drugs, beach, party everything and I am so agree with the parties after this vid!! hahaha many hawt guys!! hahaha