Saturday, November 27, 2010

As usual, Mid Valley

Our must go place for eveytime we went back for our sem break - Mid Valley, haha.... But this time we manage to meet our dai dai lou during his lunch time because his workplace is around there and is Friday so he got 2 hours lunch time.

heading to Mid Valley =)

busy 'ban leng leng'

our favourite hang out place -chili's-



Aiya.. me and cas forgot to snap a pic with Oli la...

-Dai dai lou-
Finally got chance to meet up =)

acting cute @__@


smoked creamy chicken (*if not mistaken)

fish n' chip

our favourite snack there, with salsa sauce

We went for window shopping then only realize actually is nothing much there and that day is so crowded and we don't really like it... End up we going back to cheras for pasar malam because we din't go pasar malam for such a long time!! I miss the foods =)


tau fa tong yun with peanut and sesame filling =)

chilling mixed fruits ice

Then to leisure mall

We wanna try Boston, although is there for quite a long time, we never go there before. Erm... the food not really nice there, i would rather go for Oldtown.

hmm... what to eat??

taking down the order... 

just order some and try