Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Mode :ON

This is the time we have waited for so long because finally we can hang out together and hunt for food!! So we went for some window shopping and bought some stuff too. Manage to buy the thing that i want, hehe....

We had a long 'fat fa tin' session

This is what happen when there is a mirror...

Feel like look taller in this mirror, hahaha....

I like this! thanks Veron <3

The girls...

Is time to go for our dinner and we decided to go for Little Italy since many people suggested it. The restaurant is so full and we have to wait for it. Love the food there, is a nice one!! Sure will go for another round. You guys should go and try it!!

Little Italy

our meal


Another round of drinks after finish our meal, because is still early. The next and last activity of the day is cocktail session with my girls at Fresco.

Elaine's Magaritta

my drink -sex on the beach

Cas's drink, i forgot the name, hehe....

Bell Bell

think this is only group photo

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  1. hey for ur info... my drinks is RASBERRY DELIGHT :) nice post :)