Friday, December 3, 2010

Levain - boulangerie patisserie

30.11.2010 - the end of November which mean i'm gonna start working on the next day!! So just wanna hang out with my ji mui before i start working. Is another day of babes' outing and this time we have clear direction on where to go which is Levain in Jln Imbi. I saw the mail that Elaine sent me before and also from blog about this place. It look nice so we wanna go for it...

The place is not difficult to find

heading to Levain!!! 

Elaine found it

So many people because is lunch hour =(


various types of breads

yum~ yum~

you can see the making of breads

grab some and try =)


decoration with Macaroon

their menu and is a self-service


iced caffe latte + iced wild berries

creamy mushroom soup with lots of chunky mushroom

potato salad

seafood aglio olio

*strawberry, orange, jasmine, green tea, blackcurrant, dark choc & cinnamon  

gonna try out the rest next time!!

tuna pizza

choc mini croissant 

crispy walnut

really enjoy the meal there =)


love the orange macaroon 

buy some breads before we leave

-No 7, Jln Delima, Off Jln Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur-

Then we went for a movie -Rapunzel

heavy rain after we finish our movie so we go for a drink while waiting for the rain to stop. 

our best friend forever necklaces =D

We ended our day with oldtown yamcha session...

 X'mas is coming soon!!! can't wait for it....


  1. I WAN GO LEVAIN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!
    nice place le..wan go wan go~~~~

  2. you always go so many nice restaurants! like looking at ur blog.. where's that lavazaa anyway?

  3. The restaurant looks so nice! =)
    Btw, pls follow my blog too yea! hehe =)