Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Celsius @ fahrenheit --> korean food (Nak Won)

Finally i have a little time to update my blog...
Went celsius(around pavilion there)  for drinks after long day of walking~

for sure is them again =)

my redberries magarita~

cas & elaine's drink (again, i forgot the name)

chips... but we still prefer chili's chips and their souce

nice drink

again, is time to think for what to eat for our dinner and as usual we took very long time to think what to eat and finally we decided to go for korean food! then is time to leave to avoid traffic jam...

superb like this ice-crean and we ate 2!! before and after our meal,haha...

food, food, food...... we are so hungry!!

-BBQ pork-

-the ladies-

bi bim bap ahhhh!!!!!

no doubt, we are tat sot! haha...

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