Friday, January 7, 2011

muffin - easy - quick

Bought the muffins mix during the holiday because din't make muffin for such a long time (that's the only thing that i know how to make which can be eaten , LOL....) muffin is the easiest thing that you can make if you are not really good in baking...

what do you need???
1. muffin mix (can get it in those bakery shop/jusco/tesco)
5.choco chips / nuts (if you want)

and all you need to do is just mix up everything and stir it nicely and get your cups ready and put it inside, just fill in half or 2/3 of the cup will do =)

180 °C   for 25 minutes


After 25 mins---------------


i love the box, it is so cute~


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