Friday, January 28, 2011


Went back to my secondary school before the cny holiday and as usual they will have celebration on the last day of school... Really miss my secodary school life and feel like time passes real fast!

Went to school early in the morning and ate 'wat tan ho' and had yee shang with the teachers as well =) Chit chat with teachers and walking around the school and there is just like my second home ...

and... my name is still there, this is the spot that we will go and look for a few minutes whenever we are going back to school... painted this during form 3 after our PMR.

for sure they will have lion dance =))

in the teachers' room

our dearest -Mr John-

can you feel the excitement of CNY ?! Yes I Do!!

Wow! So happening... =D

Gong Xi Fat Cai from SMKTC

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