Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is Rabbit Year

Heyo!! Happy Chinese New Year people!!! May this rabbit year bring you joy, health and happiness to you and your families =) But really hope that we can have a longer cny break, because it seems like very rushing and have to back to KK on the 4th day of cny... hmmm... what to do, everyone is also the same

Day 1

Heading out!! 

get the shoe that i want during the last       
       final shopping before cny =) 
            (actually i prefer the one with shoe lace but don't have) 

   this is one of my mum's hobby,      
                   decorate my room, haha.... 

my favorite cookies this     

         yum! yum!!

     is 1st day so let's wear red,
         HUAT AH!!!!

Day 2

going to my uncle's house @Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

another 'best friends forever' necklace, this one is from Elaine  =)

-my sis- 
no doubt, she is definitely taller than me!!!

Day 3

Heading back to KL after we had our brunch with my relatives and visited some of their houses...

This is what happen during cny

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