Monday, February 21, 2011


Our crave on food will never ended and this time we are craving for dim sum :/ But we don't have any idea which dim sum is nice in KK and the one that we ate in Fook Yuen is not bad but not much of variety. Is Sunday, so head to Gaya street in the morning since there are so many Chinese shop. Hence, we went to this, the not-so-nice dim sum =(

the not-so-nice dim sum

bell / cas

so many people -Gaya street-

blog first, hehe....

Few hours later ...
As bell's wish, we went for sushi and surprisingly the sushi is warisan is better than 1Borneo, because i heard people claim that sushi king in warisan is not really that fresh... But it was not as bad as they said.. :/ 

superb hungry!!!

-salmon temaki- must order this or California handroll every time i go for sushi =D



this is nice


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