Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elegant As Simplicity

12.3.2011 - is our course dinner night where this time was held in ShangriLa's Tanjung Aru Resort where the theme of the dinner is Elegant As Simplicity (Hollywood).

Hollywood feel

IB Nite Rock!!!

didn't aspect that will see Pauline =)

Ci Yi with the 80's stlye

lovely juniors

pinky Lee Xin  =)

classy cassy

Fui Yen!!! As "PINK" Isn't she's ROCK!!!

surprisingly, missy lissy is here too, thanks for the support!!

Jancy - director of IB Night

sweetie Pan Xue from China ^^

with the Hollywood stars!! PINK & JUSTINE BIEBER (Azrin)

lady in red - Jolene =)

Jonathan & Jun Fui

the girls....

can you spot the different? haha...

the pretty seniorssssss!!!!

the protocol team!!

with Prof. Syed Azizi

sweetie Sharon

busy snapping picture

i like this!

Lady Gaga - Eve

Mr Chua

let's pose

botak - that's what people call him, haha..

Pan Xue ^^

with Ms Zu

IB Night was awesome

Mr Wajiran

the abnormals... lolx.


our International Business Night was awesome and fun!! 

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