Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally we hang out together

Have been saying for so many times that we wanna hang out together since from last sem and finally i got the chance to hang out for this time =) Just simple and nice girls outing!! Do really enjoy it, let's plan for more!

Went to Karamunsing in the morning because something wrong with Cas camera LCD screen but the service center was close because is holiday so we have to go for another time... Since we are there, we went for our breakfast in Fook Yuen

it reminds me of the dim sum in Cheras ...

with Sharan ^^ 

When done with our brunch, next is movie time!!! went for Yogi Bear 3D and it was soooooo cute!!! haha... 

felt that the 3D effects in CP is better than GSC

-yum cha-

sharan , cas

-yum cha-

can u see how small the mash potato is :/

busy women snapping pics :P

ice-cream time!!


don't mess with me!! haha...

then bak kut teh for our dinner =)

The End.... 

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