Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keamatan, Only in Sabah

Is Keamatan! One of the main festival in Sabah! Decided to have a look and feel the joy of the festival =) Wake up early in the morning to get prepare. Have our breakfast before going to KDCA.  #TryandSee
 yuan and taira
 janice & veron
yummy breakfast *nom nom nom*
Continue our journey to KDCA and we can talk non-stop all the time like a radio, LOLx... 

 Spotted this cute car "Sayang Sabah" 

 here we are 
 their traditional dance
There are lots of houses there and every house represent different ethnic from different places.

 this is how's their room look like
 in their tradisional custom 
 House represent Keningau 
 so pretty 
 the kids

 from Papar

 kids in their traditional outfits is adorable 

i call this vessel 
 can hear it from far when you blow it
 their music instrument 

 demonstration on how they play the instrument 

went to see sunset after the movie and is totally relaxing, a windy evening =)
 chit chat session 
the busy snapping pictures one =) 
 falling asleep cause is too windy there
Is time for dinner and went to our favourite restaurant - ChiliVanila @ Gaya Street. 
 their cakes are very nice and tried few of them before. This time they have Red Velvet, must give it a try 

 hot choc with marshmallow 
 lamb stew

 smoked duck sandwich 
 the Red Velvet 
totally in love with this cake, must try it !
apple crumble served with ice-cream 
Have a nice day out with the ladies and do enjoy it. All the best for everyone that going to have their final soon! 

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