Friday, May 18, 2012

Remaining days

Less than 1 month to go.. Counting down the days all the time recently, gonna miss here a lot!! Time flies! Still, will appreciate and enjoying the remaining days here before going back to KL =) Went to Party Play with women for a light brunch. . .  Haven't been here for exactly 1 year..

harlo Fridayyyy

is a sunny day =)
cafe mocha
barbecue sauce chicken chop 
Choc pie with baby macaroni 

my all time partner here 
"Sometimes thing might not goes they way you want, but things do happen for reasons. See it the other way round rather than being trapped inside it" -ChloedeArte-
never know this kuih can be have in this way, can try it at home next time ^^
is time to leave and heading back to ums for our course agm, is our last time to attend it.. but too bad have to rush to kutip friends to buy things. They came here for competition some bring them for food and buy some souvenir before sending them to the airport.

One of them said they have another friend studying in ums too and surprisingly is our school mate -ah boon. What a small world ~  Bring them for seafood at asia city there, guess that's the most go restaurant here and we are in a rush.. that will be the best option i guess =)

I haven't go fun fair!! everyone seems busy these day =( wish by next week i can go.. want to go few times if can.. hehehe..

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