Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elaine back in ACTIONS!!

Day 1
Missy Elaine is back in ACTIONS to KK for her field trip.. XD Definitely a GSC meet up is neccessary and food as well ~ nothing much but just spend some time around KK... Feel like going to Shangri'La beach resort out of sudden in the evening while waiting for cas they all do the music recording for our video (p/s: if you haven't watch it, here is the link : , and do drop us comments for improvement =) ) 

the weather is just nice that day~ i likey it
 whoo~ it's windy~ 

 i love the view here =)
 she like here too

 phone addiction

 Kutip the remaining ones after they finish with the recording and is time for dinner~ the miss previously said want to eat sushi so ended up bring her to Sushi Tei at Suria, but we only had 3 or 4 plates, it's not as nice as we expected with that kind of pricing.. At last went to Taman Cantik for lamb chop =P

Yuan, Janice , Me
 Elaine & Cas 

Day 2
She's leaving on the next time, so spend our so call 'last dinner' with her at ChilliVanila~ think that she'll like the desserts there too and at the same time me and cas also want to eat there.. You guys should go if you haven't try it, it's nice yet reasonable price!! Is near little italy there~ 


 ma hot choc with marshmallow <3 so loved!! 
 smoked duck spaghetti 
 sweet potato fries - feel much healthier eating this compared with french fries 
 Brownie with vanilla ice-cream

Then went to suria to buy some groceries and guess what?! we still feel like eating for another round! Hahaha... yea, we will eat till we feel satisfied~ that's why i look like a fat cat now~ =.= Went to Sino-Thai which is the previous Fresco. The food there is nice too, especially green curry and tom yam gong~ 

 mango salad
 tom yam
is desserts again~ haha... superbly like this~ 

We gonna meet agian very soon missy elaine~ don't miss us so much ya! XD 

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