Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Meet Up

Forgot when is the last time i log-in my blog, was busy with practical and part times job is there is any... Miss  the routine i use to have where you can see your friends everyday, eat together, look for nice desserts .... After so long since we left KK, finally we found a day that most of us can gather up =)

always busy with taking photos *while waiting for little bell a.k.a lizard* =D
the love birds
veron, yuan & janice
the desserts lover~

pui kee - the super kind gal, never see her get mad before after knowing her for more than 10 years
veron is so happy~ XD
by le bummie~

and here she come, the little one - Bell *the kiddo*

After a long discussion, decided to go to Levain for lunch since janice haven't been there before~ 

this is so us!!!haha.. if you can't wait, better don't go out and eat with us cause we will snap the picture of food till we satisfied. =)))
my all time fav - aglio olio 

she can definitely tell you the food is nice or not by her expression

curry beef
Then went to Lavazza for late dinner, don't really eat cause were still full so just order some drinks and chit chat there. 

this women is full of expression~
Went to Dclub for supper and try out their tokyo pizza there, which recommended by le bummie ~ 

the tokyo pizza, it's so tasty cause it has my fav mayonese & seaweed XD

Here it is, a quick update to fulfil my 'itchiness' to update my blog.. hehe.. more photos for Hot Import Nights at Penang will be up soon perhaps and also a new drinks to share with you guys which is the Honey Wine~ ;)    

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