Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wamssler - "A Taste of Gold'

When come to wine, we always heard of red wine or white wine that commonly can be found in the market which fermented from grapes. But there also other types of wine which called honey wine and for sure it's fermented from honey. Discover this wine when I went to the Hot Import Nights in Penang and I personally do like this wine which is Wamssler mead which is purely fermented from honey without any sugar =) We all know that honey contain high level of anti-oxidant and is always the main ingredient when come to beauty or health care product.

So when Anna told me that it's made of honey, I was so curious and love the taste after give a try on it. I would say it's delicious and the aroma of honey lingers in my mouth~ I do ask her why they call it "The Drink of Love" and then only I know that it has its history as well where back to the medieval days, the father in law will give the honey wine to the newly married couple for 1 full moon so that they will give birth for a baby boy where last time they don't have month but call it as moon. That's why people call it honey moon. Hence, honey came before grape wine.
-Wammsler Sparkling Mead-

Did a short interview with Anna - the managing director of Wammsler in Malaysia and listen to the interesting history and stories about the honey wine.

Should give a try if you never, who knows you might like it as well like I do~ Cheers! 

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