Monday, April 2, 2012

Holo-Holo Summer - A Sandy Escape

Time passes fast and this should be my last time to attend my course family day and annual dinner.. This time they make it 2 in 1 where they combine it both and make it at Beringgis Beach Resort which approximately half an hour from KK.Went there by bus and unfortunately the bus driver was known as "roller coaster" driver in Kampung E,swing all the way to the resort after 1 hour plus of waiting *dizzy*

#Holo-Holo Summer 

#Beringgis Beach Resort
Somehow this place remind me of my Pulau Pangkor training last year 

Briefing & ice breaking session for "Running Man"

Had some ordinary station games and finally have some time to rest and hanging around to snap some picture. Again, women become my model, hehe... Guess she like the photos too *wink*

seriously, eat a lot recently and i notice im getting fatter when i compare with my old pics #thatsthefact.. ><
photograph by women

Cassy Baby~ 
whoo~ i like this pic so much XD #beachfeels

the emo women~

#self timer moment#

ice-cream before back to room to get some rest and prepare for dinner =)

Is sunset by the time we get prepared and spotted this angle which i always wanted to get, so give it a try on women.. hehe.. 

-sexy women-

everyone starts coming and here you go - pan xua & cas

pan xue,cas, lee xin and ci yi

performance by the juniors

with Angelia
angelia & sin hui
with botak


group pic with Prof Syed

camp fire session and that's the end of the event =] 

Great effort for the committee to make it happen and we do appreciate it =) we do have a sandy escape. Guess i won't have much chance to go to the beach as often as when im in KK.. Let's appreciate the moment we have together =)

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