Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Texas & Desserts @ ChilliVanilla

After the outdoor shooting, for sure everyone is superbly hungry and is time for dinner~ wanted to have our dinner at ChilliVanilla cause never try out the dishes there, but it's full house when we went there hence plan change to Texas in KK. Calling for western food. =)

 -Flipping through the menu-
 -mash potato- 
*not really use to the taste of the sauce, strong herbs*
 BBQ Steak (medium)

 ma all time fav~ Lamb chop
 nom nom~ enjoying their food
up next, pizza!!!
Yet, the crave for desserts is not fulfilled and heading back to ChilliVanilla to try out the desserts and there are seats available by the time we reach there =) *happy*

 Lemon Cheesecake
this is the best one!!! but i forgot it name.. you guys can try it out if you go there =)
*strongly recommanded and is my fav cake so far*

Really a nice day out with the girls and more to come i guess =) 

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