Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Kind of Friendship

Common interest, that's what we are sharing. We love to blog, love to search for nice food, snapping pictures where ever we go and the most important thing is we want to do something that is memorable before we say goodbye to our uni life. Coming up next is our outdoor shooting at Tanjung Aru beach all of us are so excited about it =D

women bought some colourful balloons when we went to to KL during the previous sem break, now is time to make it 'float'.. woohoo~~ we were so happy when collecting the balloons after all have been fill up with helium. =) Then heading to Tanjung Aru beach *lalalala~*

arranging our stuff

~the session begin~

start blowing bubbles and is bummie's idea to buy some so the picture will look nicer~ XD

and a non-stop snapping session begin and were making a lot of noise, sorry to people who want to have some peaceful time by the beach. You just come on the wrong time, hehe.. can't really recall which picture is snap by who cause janice and yuan's camera were passing around.. all are photographers of the day =)
Let's get start!



what face is that?!
happy janice

bubble idea by bummie is really great~ i like the effect =) 

*the chasing scene*
Our short video is in progress and these are part of the video, do stay tune for video update =)

the happy go lucky one =)
bought our childhood fav <3

with Taira~ the extreme one 
"i got a sexy back~"
actually is raining, but who cares? as long as we finish our video =)
this's my fav pic, *the laugh of joy*
Let's call it a day and hopefully our video is ok and it will be a great memory for everyone =)
"Common interest link us together, that's our kind of friendship."
Night peeps


  1. Dear chloe,
    I am enjoying every bit of your story here.. with all the pretty pictures you have! Way to go !!

  2. hehe.. thanks for liking it, just want to something memorable before leaving the uni =)