Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sabah Tea Garden, Ranau

Went for a 2D1N education trip to Sabah Tea Garden at Ranau. It's a relaxing trip and is my first time to this tea garden. Depart from uni around 10am after everyone has take their attendance. Then we stop by Nabalu which is one of the spot to take picture with the Mount Kinabalu view.
Cas, Ci Yi, me and Lee Xin
Cas with Pan Xue
 Pan Xue and Jully

haha.. Fuad look so pity.. 

Then continue our journey till Ranau town and have our lunch there. It's a small town and not much shop open maybe because it's Sunday. Walking around to look for food and finally found a chineses rtaurant and order some dishes. When the dishes are here and cas is asking for cili padi, guess what the aunty answer?? "We din't buy cili padi, it's too expensive, RM 36 per kilo" haha... She is so straight forward, cause normally people will just tell you don't have and that moment we were thinking like what expression should we give, so random... 

We are getting nearer to the destination and we reach the tea garden around 3 something. We are staying in the long house. I use to see long house in the book or pictures from the others and this is my first time to stay in long house. Not bad =)

let's get in and have a look =) *excited*
the long house

simple yet nice decoration
3 persons sharing a room, the room is so cute
Walk around the place and snap some picture of the scenery after we setle down.

"welcome to long house" 

the ladies are here too =D
Other than long house, there are also cottages for rent and it look lovely too <3 
side view
the front view of the cottage

well, this is Cas's idea XD i like 
bought this thing while stop by at Nabalu town, epic!! 

We play some "interesting" games after we have our dinner and we will be visiting the Sabah Tea Garden next day. =) 
The Sabah Tea Garden
They brief us on how they process the tea before going into the production side.

shows us how to differentiate the tea
they have their own collection of tea =)
The next thing is to check-out after visiting the tea garden and heading to Sg Moroli for fish massage. It's my first time to try the fish massage. Before listening to the briefing, what in my mind is the normal fish massage at those spa center where the fishes are as small as finger. But guess what?! the fishes here for massage are are big as our hand!! =S
It took me quite some time to step inside the river because the fishes are freaking big and you must try it yourself. The feeling is undesirables~ you can hear the voice of the fishes sucking your hands and  legs loudly! 
Done with the fish foot massage and is time to go back~ stop by Kundasang for a quick lunch and heading back to ums. This is my companion when I'm in the bus.  =)) 
My course Family Day and dinner at Beringgis Resort are coming soon, hope it will be a great one =)  

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