Sunday, February 12, 2012

random dates

 a random meet up out of sudden after so longggg.... totally no plan at all. Had our chatting session at Ben's klcc and it was like a never ending session. Shall call for another one perhaps =)

 the ladies =)

Went to BB area to walk around and back to klcc again afterwards for a night movie - the wedding diary. We were hanging out at the part & sitting there seeing people walking around, it makes me feel good where it make me feel peace. =) 
Too bad it rains after a while, no choice but to get back inside the building. Have some tea at Dome while waiting for the movie. Was a bit sleepy that time, because the weather was just nice for sleeping.. hehe.. and guess what, mr will actually fell asleep for a while.. XD

That's my weekend. Looking forward for a better week ahead and Happy Valentine to everyone <3
Nights. . .

-Off to bed-

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