Saturday, January 14, 2012

Night Walk

Christmas is over and is time for the lazy bum to go back, time passes fast! Went for Zen Q and steamboat buffet after send him to the airport, had a fulfilling dinner with my babes.  
 Zen Q 
personally still prefer Snowflakes =)

Went for a night beach walk at Tanjung Aru was relaxing, it is just nice~ i guess we spoiled the ambiance the with our laughs.. doing lots of stupids things there with my lizard and women but it is fun! haha.... just love spending time with them who always make me feel free, they are friends that can lighten your days
 my women & lizard =D
 do drop by my women's blog - the crap queen
 Here you go the sot sot pics, you might get annoyed by it.. lolx.. Lizard said she keep laughing every time she see the pics XD

 big punch from Bell ~
 lil lizard turn into the giant one~

There is one more with us - Veron, she is sitting at some where else.. that's why you can't see the face here.. well, enough with the sound pollution at the beach and is time to go back~

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