Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Island escape

Since mr boyfriend is here so we decided to go to Manukan island after few days of rainy days and finally today is a good weather for island escape with my "photographer". Reach Jessleton Point at noon so only manage to go to one island. 

Here we go!! But the tone of the sea was not really nice compare with last time, maybe is due to the weather . Anyway, still a relaxing day for me =) will go again after my exam perhaps? 

Thank you Mr Bf for the photos - my photographer of the day.. hehe~ 

 spotted a pair of cute & lovely bro-sis 

Is time to go! and we actually miss the boat, they just leave before time =___=  end up need to wait for another 1 hour and is about to rain that time~ 

Then heading for dinner with Cas & Janice after some rest and i'm super hungryyyyyy........... 
 crave for food was fulfilled XD

Cas & Janice =)

Let's call it a day and we will have our island date soon~ <3

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