Friday, January 13, 2012

Say "HI" to holidays~

Finally my exam finish today and officially say bye bye to my 5th sem by welcoming Chinese New Year - The Dragon year!! Roar~ For sure movie is needed after the exam and we went for Awakening which doesn't help to relax my mind but making me feel nervous while watching it.. XD anyway, i still enjoy it~

Food will never be left out in any situation regardless you are tension, sad or happy and the crave of the day by the ladies are Korean food. Decided to order the set and everyone of us was too full till we can't eat the cheese cake that we plan to eat..

Now i don't need to rush and slower down my speed to have 'do nothing' mission! got some times to do things that i want and is story books time!! still have 3 more books that i bought and haven't finish yet... =)

I would like to announce that my holiday starts now!! Enjoy your holiday people and Happy Dragon Year!!!


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