Monday, July 11, 2011


Is Sunday and finally i have that feeling of "SUNDAY" after so many weeks. Gonna fully utilize it and eat ! eat! eat!!! Woohoo~ Went to Fook Yuen for our breakfast and had my mihun and siu mai that im craving for so long.. Teehee~


Natalie,Wei Lee & Wan Qing

me, Cas & Bell

satisfied with your breakfast? Yes, i am =)

is Sunday so for sure next place is gonna be...... GAYA STREET!!!!   As usual lots of people and especially tourist.. 

Cassy & Bell

Natalie wanted to buy something at the market, so we waited in the car since no parking there.. Then heading to City Mall =) 

Wan Qing(mama of the day), Wei Lee, Cas & Bell 

Not much things there, so decided to find a place to have some drinks - Boutique Cupcakes =)

my Mochacinno =)

try out some desserts 


Feel like is a food tour, although didn't eat much but it still can make you feel full because you eat frequently ...  Party Play gonna be our next stop ~ Hmm, what to eat?


my mini fish tank - Cranberry juice

yum yum~

BBQ chicken chop

Here you goes the dinner ~