Thursday, July 28, 2011

the making of THE CHANGE music video

Are you aware of global warming? this is one of the reasons why disaster happen every where and we believe that everyone can make a change. This is the reason why we compost a song - The Change, just to urge everyone out there to start conserve our mother nature and go green to save the earth . . . We believe that the change is in our hand =) 

Done with the song so now is time to shoot a music video for it and here it goes. . . This is one of the tourists spot in Kota Kinabalu which near Suria Sabah and together with the kids, we have our shooting here. It was a sunny day and superbly hot, but thank god that we manage to finish the shooting on time =)

 the lyrics

the Director - Adrian 

 imma photographer of the day =)

 kids from France

 the crew

 so serious O_o

 another scene

 kids are just energetic 

After done with the kids'part, now is our turn =) "Sila cari tiang sendiri" this's what told by Adrian, haha....

 Miss Bell Soong Bell Bell =P

 people painted on the floor too 

 Cassy Baby



Done with all the task, then went to Suria Sabah for our lunch and were super duper hungry that time . .  .


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