Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wayne Birthday Bash!!!

Bye bye to June and here it come July =) Time passes fast and is exactly another half year to enter 2012 . . . Was invited to a birthday party on the first day of July and it is a simple birthday party and we do enjoy it. Thanks for inviting us and once again Happy Birthday to Mr Wayne

Some retarded pics before going out... haha!!

my new purple nail color =D

Okay, it time to go out and there were 11 of us attending the party

The Chicken Wing Lady - Bell 

with Bell and Cas

Wan Qing, Wei Lee & Bell

Cassy Baby

Wei Lee, Wan Qing, Natalie, me & Cas

fui yoh~ 

Cas, Jancy, Amanda & Sailini

with Amanda =)

with Mr Wayne =)

Wan Qing

Mr Wayne 
Mr Chua, Natalie & Bell 

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