Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bali Fever - Day 2

Morning peeps!! Guess what, i have my pillow talk session with Cas, Elaine & Bell till 3am, and really LMAO!! Hahahaha.... the sad thing is we need to wake up early in this morning to have our breakfast. Super sleepy ~ zzzzzzzz............

breakfast time~

After having our breakfast, journey of the day starts!!! yeah~~~
So the first stop of the day is batubulan village which is well-known for batik processing traditionally , they show the making of batik and the quality of the batik is really good 

Sari Amerta Batik Collection

Before heading to the next destination, Elaine's friend - Rochelle suggested that we all should try the 'Babi Guling' because she heard that it is very nice. So we ask our tour guide, Mika to bring us for it and here is the place - IBU OKA-

 with Elaine 

this is the thing that we craving for -Babi Guling- and it is NICE!! 

The next stop is Goa Gajah / elephant cave temple dates back to 11th century

and the weather is superbly HOT!! so the best thing is........ Ice-cream ~ saw this cute love shape ice-cream and it is chocolate strawberry =)

Finally is time for lunch and this time we head to the Mount Batur area which is a life volcano that laid in the district of Kintamani. Thus, we had our lunch there by enjoying the view of volcano plus the weather there is just nice and chilling ~ love this place <3

the volcano

after had our meal, for sure is photo session!! since the view is so nice... everyone was busy take photos =)

is GSC again =)


my favorite pic , nice ? =)

*wondering what makes us laugh like that*

Next destination will be Wedang Sari where you can find different types of plant and coffee bean as well. Here, you can discover the Tropicana plantation such as coffee trees, cacao trees and buah salak trees.  

coffee bean 


the Luwak coffee 

coffee testing session 

-Shi Ying, Rochelle, Cas and Elaine

we tested 8 types of coffee that they have and i personally like the ginseng coffee, the smell is just nice 

in the shops

Time passes fast and we need to head to Jimbaran for our dinner at the same time catches the sunset view at Jimbaran. Before heading to Jimbaran, we stop at a rice terrace place where they sell lot of handicraft there and you can see the view rice terrace there. But all the rice there are being harvest so cant really see the plantation of rice. 

nice paiting, it is so colorful when they place it together =)

Cas, Elaine and Bell 


when we laugh out loud ... XD

a group pic again before we leave 

Is time to eat again.... finally we reach Jimbaran after a long car journey and the timing is just nice where we are able the capture the sunset by the seaside. Here is the place where we have our dinner - Blue Marlin-


with Bell =)


the girls... 

our grilled seafood dinner

Really enjoy the feel of having dinner by the seaside and non-stop chatting session was totally tiring because we keep laughing, hahaha.... 
Finally the tour-guide's job is done and we were back to hotel after the dinner.... So what next? For sure is to hang out and walk around and at the same time have some drinks. =) Take some rest and freshen up for the next agenda! 

a little make over by using a wig that brought by Cas and it makes me miss my long curly hair

Let's Go!!!


spotted nice ice-cream 

go for Tiramisu flavor 

and it taste good =) Yummy~

It just a 10 minutes walk to Kuta Beach from the hotel that we are staying and went to Hard Rock to have a look to see whether we want to have a drinks there or not because don't have any idea where to go. But Hard Rock was not much people that day. 

Hard Rock Bali

End up went to Vi Ai Pi to have our drinks because the environment there is much better where you can feel the excitement of the crowd 

-Bell / Cas -
-Me / Elaine - 

Let's call it a night and have a good rest for tomorrow!!

-Good Night-

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