Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bali Fever - Day 1

This is the trip the we have been waited for sooooooooo long!! Bali here e come finally!! This is our very first holiday trip and we really have fun during the trip and laugh like nobody business and guess what?! We have took more than 1000 photos in this 4D3N trip. Crazy womens !!

gather at Elaine's house then heading to the airport =) 

boarding time!

we are reaching our destiny and can you see the top of the mountain? 

check-in to White Rose hotel =)

White Rose Hotel
Heading out to hunt for our late dinner, walking along the street to search for nice food and decided to give a try for this restaurant - Nasi Bali


singing session~

back to hotel and take a good rest for the next day 

Sweet dreams =)

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