Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cas's simple birthday celebration

I think this time is the simplest birthday celebration that we ever have, hope she will not mind. =) We went for a dinner after class and some more we are walking to 1B while raining, semangatnya... hahaha... Because no use waiting the bus because traffic jam during that time...

choosing her cakes, though she will take a very long time to choose but this time she is faster... good! got improvement, keep it up Casandra Seng! hahaha
Next, Starbucks! because we wanna online =)
coffee again
candle without light, haha... pity her but she won't mind one.... :P

-the simplest celebration-

Birthday girl

~Happy Birthday~

emm.... yummy~~ love chocolate indulgence so much!!!

she said i look funny.... *as usual* even doing nothing she and elain will still said i look funny and laugh at me =.=!!! what respone should i give next time??


both of us doing the same thing = blogging + FB

after that we buy some stuff then go back...

The End...

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