Thursday, October 6, 2011

Minimo-X : your USB lomo camera

So want to get a lomo camera recently but most of the lomo cam need to use films. The lomo cam that need films look cool and stylish but i cant transfer the pics that i snap to the computer and i was in a dilemma when choosing it. Searching for the whole day for this small little thing and finally found out that there is a lomo cam shop - The Click Shop in Tokyo Street (6th floor), Pavillion Bukit Bintang. If you are a lomography addict, you definitely love that shop because hardly can find lomo camera shop in KL. The common place that we know is in Kinokuniya, KLCC which just have a few models. 

Screening on lomo cam drive me crazy, because the design of the camera was so nice and i even spotted a Hello Kitty lomo cam too. . . Diana F which come with different color also can be found in the shop =) At last i decided to get a USB lomo cam which allow me to transfer pics easily and it is super small which look like a key chain!! 

 Limited Edition Minimo-X

 -The Click Shop @Pavillion - 

This small little cam can:
1) for sure snapping pictures
2) be a PC cam
3) record video
4) double exposure effect

Samsung Corby II is even bigger than it 

Tested it on the next day and the pics are not bad, but so wanna get a fisheye or widelense to have additional effect. . .

 <i never edit hese photos>

infected by Lomo~ 

Cheers !!!

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