Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend to Kundasang

Two lovely girls from KL hitting down to KK for a short trip and we join them to a one day trip to Kundasang during the weekend =)

with Cassy ~ 

as usual that there will be some retarded photos.. haha! 

you will find yourself a giant when taking photo with small lil Bell 

morning tea - Teh Madras 

for me, this place look like Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam

After lunch, we move o the hot spring spot but there were too many visitors that day hence we decided to go for the canopy walk with take around 45 minutes of jungle trackking...   

veron, sai pou, cas & bell 

We are almost there

Here we are ! - The canopy walkway... Whee~~~  

The view was great and giant trees are all around you =D

going out to the exit

The next destiny is the place that i always wanted to go for so long  - Desa Cow Farm... Many of friends keep telling me that this place was nice and with awesome view. . . Some even said it looks like New Zealand. I LURVEEEE this place!!!

Photo session is ON!!! everyone was busy snapping pictures... 

seems like Bell has her mission impossible . . . 

Tiring day and everyone is sleeping in the van while heading back to KK.. zzzzzzzzzz~~~

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