Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Circuit Lounge @Le Marquee, Palace of The Golden Horses

An exclusive & ultimate treat by the world's No.1 Scotch whisky brand - Johnnie Walker Malaysia for us to step inside the Black Circuit Lounge and experience the VVIP Race Party. Really glad that got this opportunity to join the party and it was AWESOME!!!   
The theme of dress code is STYLISH BLACK / CHIC GOLD 

cassy in black & white 

Keep Walking

everyone can't wait to go in


ready to party?!!

Hannah Tan, she's gorgeous

nice setting which show the exclusiveness of the 
JW Black Circuit Lounge 2011

free flow of JW drink, seriously you can drink like nobody business!!!

-DJ Faith from KL-

-DJ I-Tek from Hong Kong-

the hosts + DJ Sophia

-DJ Sophia Lin from USA-
*Love her to the max!!!*

is hot and we are sweating but the DJs' spins kill it off and we did enjoy it

-DJ I-Tek-

-Hansen, Cas =) - 

left earlier because we were super tired, can't manage to see DJ Bento spining.... However, it is still the BEST and MOST HAPPENING party in town. 

At last, just a friendly reminder : "Never Drink and Drive"

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  1. nice johnnie walker party rite? going HA party in next weekend?

  2. ya! didn't went for the HA, was having final exam that time =)